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multi disciplinary research framework for theoretical and applied research of Robotics;

Geographic information algorithm systems and Facility Location Expert Systems.

Founded in 2008 the laboratory is new at Ariel University Center (Comp. science, lndustrial Eng.) and headed by Dr. Nir Shvalb and  Dr. Boaz Ben Moshe.
The laboratory is well equipped, and is supported with an electrical engineer, a mechanic engineer
and a computer engineer.
Robotics is the science and technology of robots, their design, manufacture,and application.
Robotics requires a working knowledge of electronics, mechanics and software, and is usually
accompanied by a large working knowledge of many subjects such as kinematics and computational geomatey. KCG laboratory current applied research areas are:

  • Micro robots for medical use.

  • Micro motors.

  • Walking robots.

  • GPS system.

  • US systems.