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K&CG Manager

I am interested in both theoretical and applied aspects of Computational Geometry and Facility Location Optimization,
including: Approximating radio maps, locating Wireless Back-bone, Frequency allocation, Visibility Graphs. Terrain Simplification, Allocation Problems, Vehicle Routing problems, and GIS expert systems. Currently my main research advance algorithms for GPS-like devices.


K&CG Manager
Ph.D.2002-2006, Mechanical Engineering Department, Technion.
M.Sc. 1996-1999, Mathematics Department, Haifa University.
B.sc1994-1995, (Cum Laude)
Mechanical Engineering Department, technion, Haifa, israel.
B.A., 1990-1993,(Cum Laude)

My main interest is Robotics. My research deals mainly with theoretical robotics.Using Algebraic topology I investigate the configuration  spaces of parallel mechanisms and their Topological singularities. in the past few yearsl've also been having fun with some practicalrobotics. We deal with a variety of problems such  as medical robotics, global path planning and clombing Robots. At the KCG laboratory we  also investigate variouscomputational problems.


B.Sc - Graduate student in computer science working on Accurate indoor positioning and mapping (SLAM).

Researching and developing accurate indoor positioning framework for mobile devices.


B.Sc. and M.Sc. of computer scinces

recived my B.Sc. and M.Sc. of computer scinces and mathematics from Ariel university.
Currently, I am a researcher at KCG laboratory, lecturer, and teaching assistance in Ariel university.
My research is is about accurate mapping of modi cations in 3D surfaces. This re-
search is motivated by new-space applications regarding millimeter-wave com-


B.sc. student - industrial engineering

Project management and Performance analysis.


 P.h.D sudent- Msc in Computer science. Theses on star trackign algorithms for mobile applications.

 3D mapping, multiple robots tracking and real time depth information from stereo images.


mechanical engineering

Robotics and control systems for mechanical systems, for energy solutions for unmanned aircraft.



I completed my undergraduate studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at Ariel University. I have received my master's degree in electrical and electronic engineering, specializing in nonlinear estimation methods. By this time I also completed my MBA degree. My research interests include motion planning in uncertain environments, multi agent scenarios and autonomous vehicle control. For example we used a motion planner devised for robot control in uncertain environments to predict pedestrian behavior while crossing a congested road.
Some of the scenarios I examine are real world robotic systems and some are simulated. During my research I published four articles in leading journals and three others were published at international conferences. In addition three book chapters that dealing with advanced topics in robotic are soon to be published.


M.Sc. Computer Science student

Research Assistant

Indoor positioning using shoes sensors.